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Cleaning Services

Ngcongwane Trading



Ngcongwane Trading Enterprise is a chemical manufacturing and cleaning services company who are 100% black owned with 50% ownership by black woman. We offer high-quality globally specified products which endure differentiation from competitors.

All processes are overseen by a qualified Chemist and a Chemical Engineer, giving an assurance of quality and compliance to recognised standards.


We offer a complete product that gives you peace of mind, lower costs, increased safety and profitability, all whilst catering for the environment. We can even go one step further by advising on what can be done with sludge or sediment to increase profitability.


As we develop as a business, we came to realise that effective water treatment is a critical need in both commercial and domestic environments. As a preoccupation, health and safety is at the heart of all we do, We decided to add to our offering the very high standards of water treatment most particularly waste water treatment to reduce pollution and environmental impact.

To compliment our waste water treatment service and ensure the highest possible standards of quality, Our chemist has developed a range of water treatment chemicals for water treatment activities. This includes coagulation and flocculation as well as the sedimentation processes. We are also specialist in reverse osmosis and filtration. We differentiate our offering in waste water treatment through our specialized understanding of distinct types of waste-water generated from various industries.

As each industry requires different treatment methods we commit ourselves to working hand-in-glove with the Industries to identify and classify types of fluent waste water. We are then able to select and implement the most effective. Water a treatment method.



Open is a qualified chemist with over 27 years of industry experience in the chemical manufacture cleaning waste water treatment and large scale industrial cleaning projects management spheres.

He has been involved in several highly specialized research projects in high risk environments such as chief Albert’s Luthuli Hospital as well as Nampak Paper and Buckmen Africa.


Eugene is a qualified Chemical Engineer with extensive waste water treatment training.


Our chemistry qualifications and experience ensure complete understanding of the chemical properties for effective cleaning. We apply both chemistry and practical cleaning techniques to resolve all cleaning problem - from the most basic so the most complex.

Our knowledge of chemistry is taken US into highly specialized and environments including hospitals where we have resolved the chemical causes of accumulated substrates in pipes and heat exchangers. Until recently, we produced our blends in 200 litre batches, but are looking to extend our range by producing reaction batches.


(Sort, Sweep, Shine, Standardise and Sustain)

This is the golden thread linking all our cleaning service activities. We promise customers that we apply 5S's to improve productivity, lower cost and ensure safety.


As a production manager for a large kwazulu-Natal based manufacturing company We have had to deal with substantial amounts of sludge in their effluent plant. The factory was producing a variety of products including defoamers, scale inhibitors, dispersants and biocides.. In the production process the effluent from the chemicals – when combined – form a ball of inseparable gummy sludge.

Our brief was to reduce emissions and increase effectiveness of waste disposal. We employed our waste water treatment techniques and expertise to treat the chemical make-up of this effluent, recover maximum quantities of clean water and recycle it back in production.



Our qualified team has huge industrial experience. This comes with operational acumen including familiarity with the types and quality of water that needs to be reused and sent to sewer based on conductivity, TDS and PH. We also understand that the needs of companies differ. We are efficient in providing bespoke services to customers.

Our specialised waste water treatment services are available for household and industrial purposes.


Waterless wash technology is being employed as a growing rate as a response to the global water crisis we are facing. In addition to our car wash products, we have introduced waterless cleaning car wash services that can save upwards of 160L per wash.

Using a harmless, water soluble wax which is sprayed on and wiped off with a micro-fibre cloth, our service uses minimal water and does not contribute pollution to the water system. From wash & Wax to Auto valet services, we do it all to measure that your vehicle is left spotless, and the paintwork is left with a long lasting time shine by our product’s paint protective properties, giving you excellent value for money.

Our client base includes school parking lot car washes, fleet management companies as well as logistics and trucking companies. Our waterless car wash services involve cleaning, restoration, and finishing of the auto mobile, both inside and out, to produce a pristine level of detail.

Our waterless cleaning technology is employed beyond the washing of vehicles. We also apply it in the cleaning of shipping containers of premises.


pressure washing has quickly become one of the preferred methods of cleaning a variety of surfaces in both residential, commercial, and business locations. A powerful high-pressure cleaner only requires about 500 litres of water per hour. Atypical home house in comparison, uses about 1500-2000 litres of water per hour. Our high pressure cleaning services service our customers in saving them time and giving them peace of mind knowing that the job is handled by a qualified and dedicated team, while also having a positive impact in society by implementing water saving technologies.

Our cleaning team has been thoroughly trained in order to give you the best service possible, paying great attention to details at every turn. We have extensive knowledge on how to use high pressure cleaners correctly and on the various surfaces to be cleaned. We work during shut-down period and offer warehouse floor cleaning, heavy-duty machine degreasing and more.


Garden services, roof and gutter cleaning, high rise window cleaning, as well as waste removal.


Is to form healthy partnerships with industry leaders so that we can positively impact South African industries with our unique products and services. We look forward to discussing your needs further.

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